Q: Drawing Prompt: Caryl with the Atlanta city-scape (or any city-scape) in the background. Just as dawn is breaking.



So lovely!!!

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Norman Reedus on the set of Air



Can we take the time to talk about how adorable this is? [mememem1's picture, thank you!!]

Can we talk about that hat please?

Aaaaaaaaaacck!!  Help!!  I need help!!  lol

Norman Reedus in ‘Men in Black’

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I very much agree with you on that, Shelly. I…

Yes, love.  I am very much a believer that if you don’t know someone personally, you can’t really make judgements on their character, no matter how much we may *feel* that we know them.  Inundated as we are in today’s society with celebrities and social media, it makes us more familiar with them, certainly, but know them, we really don’t.

As far as characters go, how boring would our favorites be if they were all perfect?  Very.  So boring that we probably wouldn’t watch.  lol

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Q: You have been invited to a club chat room party! Oohhshiny will be there. Daryl-x-Carol on Deviantart is hosting a chat room meeting July 30th at 5 P.M. Pacific Standard Time. You and all other Carylers are invited! The link to the club chat room is under the index on the club's home page. Hope to see you there!

Did you guys see this?

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Just a thought for the morning. But by nature of this show, none of the characters we know, love, hate, or are apathetic about are without flaws.



Same goes for the people playing them.

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No words necessary. Icons of Caryl.

Oh yes

much, much yes…

"We’re seeing two people making similar decisions in a similar way: Rick making this decision on his own to leave her there; Carol having made that decision to put down Karen and David on her own. And each one thinks that they’ve made the right decision at the time. And in a way, each is right. And in a way, each is wrong..”
Melissa McBride (x)
Rough Trade



Ok so the above picture to my imagination to very dirty places. Talking to some folks, I found I’m not the only one.

I bounced some ideas around and ended up writing a filthy little fic, just based on that picture. 

In NR’s new movie, 999, I have no clue what his character is all about.  His dynamic. Just that his name is Richard Lustick and he’s not a very nice guy. That’s about it.

I just cooked up a smutty drabble. As far as the female character, she could be anybody really. You. Me. Who knows.  Maybe she has a bit of a past. Maybe she isn’t so nice.  Maybe she just got dumped. Lost her job. Just a faceless character.  I didn’t really develop her because this is basically a porn no plot fic. Just pure carnal smut. Based on a picture.

So if that picture gets your juices flowin’ read on. If not skip on by.

Thanks and hugs and kisses to littleshelly0619 for input.

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She loves me, she loves me not…..

Oh, wait, my wife just loves me….

heh heh heh.

Thank you sweetie.  Mwah.

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